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Solo Bass Cd "Solo Flights"

by Double Bassist Mike Milligan

Welcome to the site for Solo Bass Cd "Solo Flights", by Double Bassist Mike Milligan. There is a review of Solo Flights, Mike's bio, solo bass samples, order info, links and contact info.

Mike's thought's on his solo bass CD "Solo Flights"

I first conceived of recording a solo bass Cd after performing many unaccompanied bass solos for fans of jazz and improvised music across North America and Europe. During this time, I had friends, band members and fellow double bassists who suggested that I record a solo bass CD. After performing many solo concerts in preparation for this CD, I recorded in a church that is renowned for it's superb acoustics with one of Canada's foremost recording engineers - Geoff Mitchell. The result is Solo Flights, a Cd that has been very well received. Since then I have performed many solo bass concerts in diverse venues and I continue to work on developing my own concept of solo bass performance.

Here is a review of the CD:

"Only the most cunning, gifted and imaginative of double bass players can successfully rise to the challenge posed by an entire program devoted to the art of the solo bass (double bass). That is why solo bass projects like "Solo Flights" remain a comparative rarity even though the genre has generated notable results from solo bass stylists as diverse as David Friesen, Barry Guy and Dave Holland. Add another fascinating showcase to this exclusive group! "Solo Flights" is by a double bassist who displays a satisfying balance between adventurous sonic explorations and solid mainstream chops. Certainly the hypnotic flowing lines of the opening "First Light," the nimble and fluent variations of the rapid ostinato riff of the "Urge to Merge," and funky "Brouhaha" all emphasize an attractive merger of passionate intensity with accomplished technique. Such dramatic variations are balanced by the spacier, sustained ballad lines of "Still and Still Moving," "No Tomorrow" and the brooding repetitions of "Baboo."

Milligan's most adventurous solo bass performances explore radical techniques. "Leaving the Moon," is an astonishing arco performance that duplicates trumpet tones with bowed strings. The percussive circular "Tailpiece" blends tones from above the bridge with a percussive tapping technique using the thumb. The drone textures of the aptly titled "The Other Side" explores feedback and errie harmonic overtones. Some of the sounds that Milligan coaxes out of his double bass suggest he may use prepared bass in some performances but this is just my conjecture. The important fact is that "Solo Flights" is an impressive and entertaining solo bass program and Milligan is a talented double bassist to listen out for." David Lewis,  Cadence Magazine



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